RESTATE | Adriatic Properties

RESTATE | Adriatic Properties is a boutique real estate brokerage agency principally covering Ljubljana and its broader area in Slovenia, and Istrian peninsula & Quarnero in Croatia. Occasionally, opportunities take us to longer distances.

Our business model is based on a traditional ‘principal-agent’ standard. Therefore, if you are our principal, we are your agent. And it’s with our greatest pleasure. A non-obtrusive approach is our key policy. Also, as a boutique real estate agency, we are committed to our clients through exclusivity.

So, if you’ve concluded that you need a professional real estate agent, please call us, come and meet us, have a coffee with us and finally start enjoying the search of your new home, office or land, let it be for commercial and/or residential purposes. By knowing our markets inside-out, we're here to guide you and take you towards the right location.


Little bit about slovenian and croatian real estate particulars

Note, if you are a first-time buyer in Slovenia, then you should be aware that for e.g. a 3-BED apartment actually means 2 bedrooms apartment + living room, 4-BED means 3-bedrooms + living room, 2-BED means 1-bedroom + living room, etc.. The other important thing to know is that primarily a seller is the one who is paying the 2% transaction tax. Whereas in Croatia, a buyer is paying 4% transaction tax, tho since January 1, 2019, this tax is lowered to 3%. In both countries, real estate transfer tax is charged for purchase of second-hand properties, whilst VAT (9,5% or 22% in Slovenia and 25% in Croatia) is levied when purchasing new properties.

Company details

Company name: RESTATE nepremičnine, Dinka Martinčič s.p.
Long name: RESTATE nepremičnine, nepremičninsko posredovanje in svetovanje, Dinka Martinčić s.p.
Adress: Gosposvetska cesta 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija, EU
VAT Reg. no.: 92181821
Registration number: 7076142000
IBAN: SI56 0201 0281 5067 036 (NLB d.d.)


RESTATE, Dinka Martinčić s.p.

Gosposvetska cesta 8, 1000 Ljubljana
T +386 31 339 699