Thinking of renovation?

Don’t know what to do with your floor plan or where to start...

… and the list just goes on. These are all questions that arise after purchasing (new) property. Good preparation is the key which leads towards discovering finest solutions and bring results that you will enjoy the most. ARCHICUBATOR came up with a brilliant, easy to use concept.

ARCHICUBATOR - an internet platform offering architectural and interior design services.

ARCHICUBATOR is an online platform joining an international team of architects who simplified transformation of existing floor plans. It is intended for anyone who needs a new layout but is without proper design ideas, has no experience or just feels like this is a ‘’rocket science’’ to them.

Let the professional team of architect’s design and prepare new layouts for you whether that be from new or existing blueprints and for either residential or business purposes. How? Send over the floor plans, choose appropriate dimensions, let them know what your wishes/ideas are and voila… within max. 10 days, check your inbox, which will be full of new and fresh spatial ideas.

Make renovation exciting!

Get your new floor plan in 4 easy steps, as followed:

  • Upload an existing floor plan or its sketch.
  • Explain your requirements by answering few simple questions.
  • Let them create a new idea in less than 10 days.
  • Check your inbox and show the new proposal to your mum, friend, neighbour or colleague.